Study visit in Austria 2010

Päijät-Häme Village Association

- Implements rural policy to promote vitality of rural areas
- Influences local, provincial and national village and resident activity

- Arranges events, village theme days and meetings as well as training and communication activity
- Makes initiatives, proposals and issue statements to local or regional authorities
- Offers village agent services:
       - guidance eg. organising village plans, village visits
       - telephone and e-mail guidance
       - communications: village bulletin, website, e-mail list
       - assistance in finding partners and giving information about best practices
- Plans and implements cooperative village development projects

Päijät-Häme Village Association 
Village Developing in Häme Region

Future together – inhabitants, villages, associations and municipalities

A village development –project by Village Association of Häme Region, Finland

Project consists of themes like encouraging local activity and finding ways to influence in developing processes in municipalities. One issue is how to connect voluntary work of village associations to municipal services in order to make rural life more vital and preserve services.

• strengthen partnership between villages – associations – municipality
• strengthen civil society in rural areas

Actions for example
• starting pilot studies of local democracy
• learning the concept of civic activities
• supervising villages and local communities to illuminate their future (VDP´s using method of Sustainable Villages with cards)
• guidance for community planning
• offering tools to connect village planning to municipality planning
• working in peering groups, networking
• learning best practices, a study visit to Netherlands
• empowering inhabitants
• raising strategic projects
• pointing out the importance of sustainable development – ”Sustainable Village” – method for Village Developing Planning

The contact persons are:

Timo Taulo tel. +35840 7010633
Elina Leppänen tel. +358400944868


Päijät-Hämeen kylät ry.
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17200 Vääksy
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